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Team Sport Location Votes Share
Philadelphia 76ers Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 31
Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns American football Cleveland, Ohio 27
Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills American football Orchard Park, New York 26
Chicago Bears Chicago Bears American football Chicago, Illinois 24
New York Jets New York Jets American football East Rutherford, New Jersey 24
Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals American football Glendale, Arizona 23
Houston Texans Houston Texans American football Houston, Texas 23
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers American football Tampa, Florida 23
Denver Broncos Denver Broncos American football Denver, Colorado 22
Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams American football Inglewood, California 22
Real Madrid Real Madrid Association football Madrid 22
Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys American football Arlington, Texas 21
Inter Milan Inter Milan Association football Milan 21
Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles American football Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 21
San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs Basketball San Antonio, Texas 19
Washington Commanders Washington Commanders American football Landover, Maryland 19
Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals American football Cincinnati, Ohio 18
Dallas Mavericks Dallas Mavericks Basketball Dallas, Texas 18
Houston Astros Houston Astros Baseball Houston, Texas 18
Los Angeles Lakers Los Angeles Lakers Basketball Los Angeles, California 18
Manchester United Manchester United Association football Manchester 18
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings American football Minneapolis, Minnesota 18
New England Patriots New England Patriots American football Foxborough, Massachusetts 18
New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints American football New Orleans, Louisiana 18
New York Giants New York Giants American football East Rutherford, New Jersey 18

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